Installing Tesla Charger

Inspired Electrical Tesla Charger installation

More and more we are going to see electrical Vehicles, Inspired Electrical can help you install your Tesla Charger.

To prepare your home for charging, hire an electrician from Inspired Electrical Service to install a dedicated circuit conveniently near where you will park your Tesla vehicle. The charge port is located in the driver side rear taillight. Follow the links below to learn more about Tesla charging:

Standard Equipment
Optional Charging Accessories
Vehicle On-Board Charger
Connector power options
Installing Charging Equipment at Home
Hiring an Electrician
Permits and inspections
Multi-Unit Dwellings
Load sharing with multiple Wall Connectors

Standard Equipment

Model S and Model X include the following charging accessories as standard equipment:

  • Mobile Connector (20 feet)
  • Adapter for standard 120 volt household outlets (NEMA 5-15)
  • Adapter for higher power 240 volt outlet (NEMA 14-50)
  • Adapter for public charging stations (SAE J1772)


The Mobile Connector and adapters are used to plug into various types of electrical outlets and can provide a maximum of 40 amps to a vehicle. Your delivery orientation specialist will review this hardware with you when you pick up your vehicle. To charge with the standard equipment, install a 240 volt NEMA 14-50 outlet at home.


Optional Charging Accessories

Optional charging accessories for Model S and Model X can be purchased from Tesla’s online shop.
The most popular charging accessory is the Wall Connector, a charging station uniquely designed for Tesla vehicles. The Wall Connector can accommodate almost any power supply and allows for the fastest possible home charging.

Available in two cable lengths:

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Getting ready for winter

Power outagedAre you sick and tired of power outages that disrupt the comfort and convenience of your home? Are you concerned that you will be unprepared for the next major snow storm? Losing power is not only frustrating, but it is also dangerous, particularly when you lose the ability to heat your home during the winter . If you don’t have a backup plan in place already, then you may want to consider selecting one of our whole house generators in Fredericksburg VA. At Inspired Electrical we offer a wide range of makes and models and having one in your home can make a big difference the next time your home loses power.
At Inspired Electrical, our whole house generators are high quality and built to last. We can make sure that we find one that matches your electrical needs and budgetary requirements. But our services do not begin and end with installation. We provide whole house generator repair, maintenance and replacement. House generators make for a great investment, but they need to be professionally installed and serviced. We have a reputation for excellence. We have been recognized by the Better Business Bureau and by Angie’s List for our dedication to customer satisfaction. Let us handle all of your whole house generator needs in Fredericksburg VA, King George VA, Orange VA, Culpeper VA. Luisa County, Manassas,  Stafford VA, northern Va. Call us Today for a free Estimate
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Inspired Electrical Solutions has the ability to turn a construction project from an idea into a reality. Our professional project management team will walk the customer through a plan of action from beginning to end. In this process, the team will identify possible scheduling conflicts, cost analysis, logistical hazards, necessary manpower, and any safety concerns.

When your company hires Inspired Electrical Solutions the primary objective is to insure the scope of work is designed to conform to the demands of the customer. The electrical system is the most dynamic and integral part of any business whether a Data Center or a warehouse. An inadequate electrical system can threaten production of both employees and profits. Before commencement of any job, the Inspired Management Team will consult with the electrical engineer, architect and the customer to make sure the system that is installed is the best possible system for the price.

Consulting, prepping and planning is a vital step in building any project, however if the electrical team is not capable of delivering and installing the system per specifications then the finished product will be inadequate. Inspired Electrical Solution installation team are of the highest quality

and   fully trained in every aspect of the trade. Solid productivity, advanced knowledge and professionalism are expected of all Inspired  electricians; anything less is unacceptable.