Commercial Electrical Services

Inspired Electrical Solutions focus on working on industrial buildings, production facilities, and any other type of commercial property you can think of. This sort of electrical work tremendously varies from residential work because of the amount of power that is involved, and due to the code and regulations that need to be followed.

Some of our Commercial Services includes:

1.Commercial Building Plans and Specifications.
2. Reading Electrical Working Drawings
3. Calculating the Electrical Load.
4. Branch Circuits.
5. Switches and Receptacles.
6. Motor and Appliance Circuits
7. Panel Board Section and Installation
8. Lighting.
9. Luminaires.
10. Emergency, Legally Required Standby, and Optional Standby Power Systems.
11. Overcurrent Protection: Fuses and Circuit Breakers.
12. Short-Circuit Calculations and Coordination of Overcurrent Protective Devices.
13. Equipment and Conductor Short-Circuit Protection.
14. Low-Voltage Remote Control.
15. The Cooling System.


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